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Art Of Excellence
Art of Excellence at Chennai Public School is a special program to train students in both performing and visual arts. We have collaborated with renowned organisations and eminent personalities in these fields to smoothen the path of learning for a greater effect. These age appropriate curricula promise all aspects of child's development and better learning outcomes.

Performing Arts

Chennai Public School ArtLinks curriculum is formulated under the able-guidance of celebrity musicians Prof Karaikudi S Subramaniam and the Oscar nominee Bombay Jayashree. At Chennai Public School, music is an important element of our curriculum and invariably, the students welcome it and participate in all earnestness. Trained and qualified music teachers handle the sensitive task of inculcating music in all students. This training is especially valuable when students take part in intra-mural as well as inter-school competitions. It’s true that Music is an essential part of life, not merely as entertainment but for its therapeutic value as a stress-buster.

Dance and theatre are given the place of pride in our activity chart. Perpetuating our rich heritage in classical dance is an imperative duty. At the same time, students are also given opportunities to learn classical dance, and contemporary dance. Above all, learning dance gives one a deep sense of rhythm of movement and is also an excellent mode of exercise. Students are permitted to identify and pursue their desired style of dancing and acting. Our theatre training has committed theatre practitioners who have a strong experience working with children. Through this exposure, children are trained to think better, to act better and to express better.

The School Band is a popular group with many students expressing their keenness to be part of this prestigious activity. The school has an array of brass and other instruments and students are trained to learn notes and perform in a professional manner. Indeed it is a grand sight to watch the band in action at all school functions.

Visual Arts

Learning and indulging in visual arts is truly one of the most enriching and satisfying experience. At Chennai Public School, we believe that every student has inherent talent in some form of art or the other and no effort is spared to give them the opportunity to develop and hone their talents. The sky is the limit for the kind of creative expression that the students exhibit in this field.

Some of the learning activities are

  • Drawing & Painting
  • Clay modelling or pottery
  • Puppetry
  • Collage making
  • Origami
  • Block-printing
  • Rangoli designs
  • Handicraft


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