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Chennai Public School is all about options to children, so to keep ourselves in providing exceptional facilities and conveniences we have categorized into Day Boarding, Weekly Boarding and Full Boarding with an option of A/C and Non A/C rooms to match the requirements of the parents.

Weekly Boarding

The weekly boarding is an appealing option for the children of new economy parents who work late hours during weekdays and are not able to keep track of their children’ performance. Students preferring the weekly boarding will stay in the hostel for 6 days (Monday –Saturday) . To help parents even further, the school has offers A/C shuttle services for these boarders.

Why is weekly boarding beneficial to local students?
  • Time spent productively: Boarding eliminates stressful travel time to & from school.
  • Access to resources: Students have access to resources such as the library, computer lab and athletic complexes which they can use on weekdays after school hours.
  • Promoting self-discipline: Our boarders learn independence, time-management skills and responsibility. With guidance and support from house parents, they learn how to balance academic work with social time. Adhering to a schedule of activities will help them develop a sense for self-discipline as they grow up.
  • Encouraging environment - Students meet new types of people, find their place in a new community and learn new skills. Students experience personal growth and increased self-confidence.
  • Forming friendships - Dorm mates become close friends and serve as a support network for each other. Students do homework, eat, and have social activities together. Additionally, students will gain exposure to diverse individuals and cultures. The friendships that students make in this environment will aid in their personal development and be ones they will cherish for life.
  • Stay connected with the family - Weekly boarders leave campus for home on Saturday after the school and return on Monday morning so they can spend the weekends with their family.

Residential Facilities

Staying away from home is not an easy pie especially for school kids. Keeping their delicate feelings in mind, Chennai Public School has a well groomed home environment in its campus hostel. Colorfully painted rooms with comfortable furniture and well lit corridors make the hostel campus shed the "away from home" feeling in kids. Chennai Public School has a bouquet of facilities in house for the students, which give them one of a kind life skill & learning experience that is away from books and class rooms.
  • Concept of “HOUSE” with House Masters/Mistress
  • Safe, Spacious, Well ventilated and Clean Rooms
  • Spacious wardrobes for Clothes, luggage, books, shoes etc.
  • Bunk beds with blankets and pillow covers
  • State of art kitchen and dining
  • Buffet facility with multi-cuisine food menu
  • Open air Theater for weekend movies
  • Integrated sports complex with 400mts track at par with the international standards
  • Medical facilities with well connected
  • Medical Insurance for the students
  • Laundry facility
  • Courts for Basket Ball, Tennis, Volley Ball, Badminton, Football etc.
  • Apart from the regular sports we also offer special activities like Music,Dance, Kalari, Wushu, Tai-chi, Karate etc.

Kitchen & Dining

Chennai Public School Dining Hall is a Centrally Air conditioned building, spreading over 13,000 sq.ft with a seating capacity of approximately 1000 students. It serves breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner with separate cooking areas for veg & non veg. The bright décor adds to the cheerful and welcoming ambience.

The cafeteria serves Indian, Chinese, Continental and variety of other cuisines. The menu is set by dieticians and cooked on campus maintaining stringent quality controls. Nutrition based food menu includes children’s favorites in its top list and smartly includes greens and veggies that it impossible for the kids to resist from eating them.The kitchen and dining hall boasts of state of the art installations with separate hot and cold counters, steam boilers,etc.


Anna Nagar | Thirumazhisai
CBSE | Cambridge | IB

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