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Global Outlook: A school which is entirely global in its outlook, philosophy and character and the student is conditioned to excel anywhere in the world.

Multiple Pathways: We offer a widespread spectrum of learning programmes to bring the world class education that you want for a cutting edge.

Learning Environment: Conducive atmosphere at CPS prepares children for intellectual curiosity, personal accountability and love for learning.

Scholastic Success: With the high standards established and maintained, the student automatically acquires his or her entire complement of knowledge and scores top marks in the public exams.

Nourishing Education: Way beyond academics, the institution believes in imparting holistic development to ensure the creation of a fully accomplished young human being.

Value Add on: Value, Character, spiritual growth and time-tested values of love, obedience, hard work, service and broad-mindedness are ingrained even in the early years at the school.

Aesthetic Outlook: The infrastructure, facilities and verdant atmosphere have been carefully planned and installed with the objective of bringing out the best in the student.

Nurture Skills: The scope for acquiring additional skills in various fields of both curricular and extra-curricular activity is unparalleled in this part of the country.

Personal Care: The care and personal attention that a teacher in Chennai Public School bestows upon the student is indeed second only to a parent.

In sum, admitting your ward in Chennai Public School is the safest bet in giving him/her, the best opportunity to emerge head and shoulders above peers in a highly competitive world.


Anna Nagar | Thirumazhisai
CBSE | Cambridge | IB

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