Best CBSE School Anna Nagar
Chennai Public schoolAnna Nagar Campus

The city campus situated in Anna Nagar is a premium day school offering CBSE curriculum catering to students from KG to class 12. The institution housed in a 75,000-sqft architectural building sets the standard for a world-class education.

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Chennai Public School Anna nagar
Best CBSE School Anna Nagar
Chennai Public schoolThirumazhisai Campus

Located at Thirumazhisai, off the Chennai- Bangalore National Highway and well within the city limits,Chennai Public School offers CBSE curriculum and International Baccalaureate from KG to Class 12 with day boarding and residential facilities.

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Chennai Public School Anna nagar
Best CBSE School Chennai, Anna nagar
CPS Global schoolAnna Nagar and Thirumazhisai

CPS offers encompassing curriculum- Cambridge and International Baccalaureate from Grades 1 – 12. We provide a balanced environment through critical thinking; enquiry based learning and intercultural understanding.

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Chennai Public School Anna nagar
Boarding schools Chennai

CPS offers comprehensive
package with right balance of
curricular and co-curricular
experience to empower learners
for a confident future



Boarding schools Chennai

Every word from your heart
is an encouragement that
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It's truly a privilege to connect with the ambitious students and dedicated educators of CPS, a platform that excels in harnessing and directing information – a crucial skill in this contemporary era where the entire world serves as a stage, offering a 360-degree canvas for everyone to showcase their abilities. Sending my heartfelt best wishes to all!

Dr. J Radhakrishnan IAS
Additional Chief Secretary / Commissioner, Greater Chennai Corporation

It is a genuine honour to be associated with CPS. The enduring connection between the VIT and CPS families is poised to transcend generations, nurturing an enlightened society.

Ms. Kadhambari S Viswanathan
Asst. Vice President, VIT University


Global Leadership Training is beyond belief at CPS. I am highly impressed with the kind of experience the young leaders here were spruced to step outside in the day to day advocacy world.

Fin Carlson
Under - Sec. General UN Dept. of Public Information

CPS gives to its student’s great opportunities and I am sure this great institution will mould great sports persons of par excellence. I wish CPS Good Luck!

Rohini Rau
India's No.1 Woman Sailor

CPS has changed my life like a metamorphic rock. My alma mater transformed from what I was, a timid and an introvert and what I am today, a bold, confident and a proficient alumni.

Jeshlin Donna
Metallurgical And Materials Engg., IIT Chennai

The career guidance programs at CPS handheld me to reach my dream destination to pursue my tertiary education at UoT. Constant motivation and mentoring in my school enabled me to conquer my aspirations. I owe my sincere gratitude to all my beloved faculty members.

Shrey Khurana
Freshman, Computer Science, U of Toronto

As a satisfied CPS parent, I've observed positive transformations in both academic performance and personality development, delighting in my child's joyful approach to school. A heartfelt thank you to all teachers for their commendable efforts.

Ms. Anitha Pradheep
Parent of Vinochan P, IPP2

I've witnessed a remarkable enhancement in my son’s reading skills, now evolving into his favourite pastime. The innovative and interactive nature of physical activities, music, art, and dance classes stands out at CPS. Recognizing that comprehensive education involves overall development, I applaud Chennai Public School for strongly embodying these principles in their actions.

Dr. Vandana Vaddadi
Parent of Sree Dharmik, PP3

CPS provides the right platform to identify students' potential and intelligence beyond their age. Teachers at CPS spotted my son Aditya’s innate talent which made him evolve as "Youngest to identify 241 national and international logos of vehicles within 3mins 37 seconds " at the young age of 5 years.

Bijay Kumar Satpathy
Parent of Aditya P S, Class I

At CPS, class size is small and education is made personal. Teachers know their students well and tailor their efforts to meet the individual needs of every child. The school provides a high quality teaching learning environment to prepare students for future.

Pradeep Kumar
Parent of Maanvik Yadav, Class III

We feel happy to share the tremendous sense of satisfaction when we see our children brimming with confidence and ready to explore beyond academics to develop social and interpersonal skills.

Gowri Balaji
Parent of Ria & Krish Balaji, Class IV

The focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at school level consistently keep the children well-informed about their responsibility towards planet Earth and fellow human beings. The annual programs dedicated to showcasing talents are an added blessing for parents, providing a platform where their children's abilities are recognized and celebrated.

Mr. Amar Bhagwant Kalokhe
Parent of Apeksha Amar Kalokhe, Class VI

CPS is a place to be challenged, and students learn and grow in so many ways. It’s a community where your child’s faith is nourished and surrounded by examples not spoken in words, but in actions.

M Anand
Parent of A Varun Meyyappan, Class VIII

Beyond academics, the school has provided exceptional exposure, including CAE tests, DELF exams, and various Olympiads. Sudhi enriched her portfolio through participation in Model United Nations (MUNs), contributing to the school's cultural activities like Impulse, organising a TEDx talk, and even attending the Oxford MUN and visiting London. CPS has not only offered top-notch education but also invaluable opportunities for personal and academic growth.

Satavolu Seshagiri Rao
Parent of Satyavolu Sudhi, Class XI

The kind of exposure and experience that my nephew has gained at CPS by attending international conferences such as WIMUN, HMCA, WSC has indeed boosted his confidence and improved his communication skills to a greater extent.

Vijay Babu
Guardian of Pranit Yasa, Class XII

Boarding schools Chennai

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Chennai Public School
TVS Avenue Main Road,
Anna Nagar (West Extn.),
Chennai - 600101
T: 044 26541177, 26544477


Chennai Public School
Global Education Campus
T.H Road, SH 50,
Thirumazhisai, Chennai - 600124
Parents are requested to dial the new phone numbers to contact the school.
T. : 044 35003777, 35003787, 35003797