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“…Ultimate Kids in the making…”

Age-appropriate futuristic and avant-garde after-school enrichment program, Superkidz offers facilities for students to enjoy learning through self effort and discover the art of acquiring various skills on their own.

The philosophy behind Superkidz is that every child is unique with latent and expressed talents. Given the right stimulating environment, such talents can be nurtured and developed to an extent where every individual can be a superstar in his or her own right.

The program consists of multi-intelligence, multi-sensory activities that focus on the left and right parts of the brain separately which maximizes the usage of the various senses and develops them individually.

Superkidz is built around seven areas of development, viz, the Creative Arts, Personal and Social Development, Language and Literacy, Logical Development, Scientific Thinking, Environmental Awareness and Physical Development. Superkidz curriculum is designed to exercise all the eight intelligences in a child; to discover and to strengthen the stronger intelligences and to awaken the dormant intelligences.

Programme Highlights:
  • Multiple Intelligence Based
  • Developed by Global Team of Experts
  • Tested & Proven
  • Fun Pedagogies
  • Curriculum delivered by Professionals
  • Evaluation & Certification
  • Special Events, Stage Shows and Concerts
The adventure into discovery and learning begins through multifarious activities such as
Soft Skills Training: Leadership & Team Building, Personality Development
Physical Fitness: Yoga, Gymnastics, Inline skating, Archery, Aerobics
Art in action: Design studio, Classical and Contemporary Dance, Theater, Music, Needle craft
General Education Module
Special skills: Creative Writing, Spell Bee, Talk-a-thon
Fun Activities: Story Trail, Peek-a-book, Tumble Tots, Show ‘n Tell
Field Trips: For fun and informative insight

Students from Pre-Primary classes to class VIII participate in the programme. The activities begin after regular school and end at 4:30 pm on all school working days, Monday to Friday. Children are supervised by qualified professionals trained in each of the programs. At the end of the course, a certificate of completion is awarded.

Backed by over 20 years of documented research, our programme opens new doors to children’s growth and transformation by tapping their innate strengths and enhancing their self-awareness, resilience, cognitive, aesthetic, social and emotional skills.

An essential part of our program is to engage the students beyond other activities that form an integral part of quality education. Above all, students are imbibed with spiritual, secular and universal values of love, compassion and understanding that ultimately build their character as citizens of the world. It is this holistic approach, as observed through our experience that stands our students in good stead wherever they move on in their lives and careers.

Holistic development of children is specialized in Superkidz, paving a strong foundation for their life-long development and success. The planned integration of enrichment activities has inspired ‘Superkidz to become all-rounders.

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