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IKEN Scientifica lab: A curriculum in Design and Technology

We strongly believe that every child is a genius and the gap between theory and practical acumen can be bridged by harnessing their inquisitiveness and curiosity through this unique D &T curriculum.

Chennai Public School Iken lab is the first of its kind in the South East Asia which supports the development of key cross disciplinary skills among learners and helps them to understand scientific concepts using indigenously designed kits. This science based curriculum gives students the hands-on experience in learning science the practical way through well designed experiments and project work. The essence of iKen lies in making abstract concepts simpler by practical learning.

Rediscover science, Redefine learning and Reward ingenious talent are the three R’s that sum up the essence of this curriculum. The program endeavours to provide students a real world exposure through application of design and technology methodology of learning and discovering. iKen Scientifica provides a wide array of possibilities to children by helping them inculcate a deeper understanding of their subjects as well as surroundings. Students of classes IV to IX are greatly benefited by this facility.

Robotics: Hobby Electronics Lab

A breakthrough in the field of academics, robotics curriculum is a result of a two-year intensive research done by CARE. Chennai Public School is a proud educational institution to practically apply such an innovative approach as robotics curriculum in all of its teaching methods. Robotics curriculum at Chennai Public School is offered from classes III to VIII. It is not just learning concepts, but also the application of these concepts learnt in the field of Math, Science, Computer Science, electronics and Engineering to solve real world challenges. This course introduces students to basics of modeling, designing, planning, and control of robotic systems. They gain exposure to the systems of sensors, control systems, manipulators, power supplies and software that work together to perform a task. The curriculum has a set of targets for children of appropriate age groups and the child is tested in the acquired skills for creativity, problem solving and teamwork. This course will touch upon basics in geometry, kinematics, statics and dynamics. In some cases, the teaching of biology, medicine and chemistry might also be involved in the context of Robotics.

Practical training in the Robotics lab gives them a new dimension to learning and understanding the concepts learnt in the class thus kindling their natural curiosity and enthusiasm.


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